Secret of Chris Chelios’s success – Saunas!

The verteran ice hockey star, Chris Chelios, who at the age of 45 is still playing top level ice hockey has an unusual fitness regime. Whilst most peers of his age have long since retired, Chris is still going and is considered an athletic marvel by his ‘younger’ teamates. The fitness secret Chris has long since employed is the use of saunas during his workouts. Chris regularly sits on his stationary bike whilst in the saunas and sweats it out for up to 45 minutes a session. As you can imagine this causes his to excrete vast amounts of sweat and no doubt give him quite a cardio workout.

Remember Chris is a professional athelete and it’s perhaps not the wisest exercise routine for those starting out with saunas – but who knows – maybe this will catch on. Might have make saunas bigger – or maybe just turn of the air-con in the gym!