New Sauna Benefit – Kills bird flu

A new book called “Beat The Flu Bird Flu” claims saunas are one of the way to tackle the flu infection.

Mr Avlicino, the author of the book said: “The book talks about self-help measures that can prevent infection. For instance, it says use alcohol hand sanitizers. Thaw frozen meat and poultry in the fridge not on kitchen work top. Install a shoe-dip on your doorsteps. Have a hot sauna to rid the body of viruses. Bathe in a light bleach solution to kill germs on your skin. Use UV light, with caution, to disinfect rooms. Don’t share dishes, cutlery towels or bedding with anybody”.

I guess this applies to all type of flu and is another great excuse to get steamy – however a comunial sauna might not make you popular – you might have trouble explaining how that sneeze won’t pass germs in this heat.